Posted by: mikepearsonnz | October 12, 2009

Does measuring your website decrease your revenue?

I recently amplified an article that proved speeding up websites improves your business.   This has also been extensively reviewed in the O’Reilly Radar – Velocity and the Bottom Line.

Bing (the search engine) found that a 2 second slowdown changed queries/user by -1.8% and decreased revenue/user by -4.3%.  Some of the conclusions from a joint presentation by Google / Bing researchers include:

  • “Speed matters” is not just lip service
  • Delays under half a second impact business metrics
  • The cost of delay increases over time and persists  (ie even after you remove the delay)

As a case in point, visit Trademe, Telstraclear, Stuff or NZ Herald.  All of them in the top 10 visited websites in New Zealand.  Do you notice a delay for as the page loads?  Its one that often appears for me, while I wait for the page to load (so often in fact, that I wrote it down).   Ironically it belongs to Nielsen Net Rating.

The key point here, is that it may not be your website causing the problem.  If your website retrieves external objects from other sites, there is often a delay.

As we move more services into the cloud, it is important that someone care about the overall user experience; not just having each provider doing their best.


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