Posted by: mikepearsonnz | November 12, 2009

What if your toaster worked like your mobile phone?


Open Toaster

Open Toaster by Roger Lancefield

My toaster at home

I use my toaster at home.  I’m on the Genesis Energy network.    My toaster only works with the Genesis Energy network.  It cost me 2 cents to make some toast.

My toaster around New Zealand

I took my toaster with me, when I flew to Auckland to visit my sister.   Genesis Energy aren’t in Auckland.

I travel quite a lot around New Zealand and toaster coverage is a real issue for me.   Why can’t I plug my toaster into the other networks?

I had to borrow my sister’s toaster.  It cost her 2 cents to make my toast.

I think I need a Mercury Energy toaster, because they seem to have more coverage, particularly in Auckland.

Unfortunately the strength of their service in my home town is quite poor – it takes ages for my toast to cook.  Plus my existing toaster plan offers free toasting on the weekends.

I think the answer is that I need two toasters.

My toaster overseas

I took my toaster on holiday to Australia.   Genesis Energy activated toaster roaming for me.

When I got off  the plane, I really needed some toast.  I plugged it into the nearest power point.   It cost me $7.50 to make some toast.  WTF, thats 375 times as much as at home?

The Serious Point

Why can’t we have mobile phone networks that work like electricity networks?

The findings of a Finnish study (Marilanta and Rouvinen, 2006) suggested the potential for productivity gains from technologies as:

  • portability +32%
  • wireless connectivity +6%

If we can improve wireless connectivity for portable devices then we can reduce costs and increase productivity (because people will use their “toasters” more often).



  1. This morning my itoaster made me some toast. It cost me two cents. While it made toast, I found an itoaster plug-in that would put realistic, jiggling boobs on the side of my itoaster that would sway and bounce as I shook the itoaster.

    I ended up burning my toast because I kept playing with the boobs.

    Where was I? Oh, yes. Auckland. My itoaster won’t work there.

    • A good point – just because we have smartphones, it does not mean they will always be used productively.

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