Posted by: mikepearsonnz | February 9, 2010

Working better as you sleep

Here’s a classic example of why a smartphone is more than a phone and how technology can help sleeping people work better.

Good sleep leads to good performance

You know that you need a good night’s sleep — if you are sleep deprived,  it affects your body and mind.   It can lead to:

  • poor performance
  • increased lack of coordination
  • difficulty making decisions

That’s not just your mum’s wisdom, research has shown a link between quality sleep and good health.

A sensor platform

Smart Cycle iPhone app

Smart Cycle iPhone app

The iPhone is a platform, packing a wide variety of sensors into its slim case.  One of those sensors ia an accelerometer, which is sensitive to movement.

Using this sensor, Lexware Labs have developed an innovative alarm clock app, Sleep Cycle, that wakes you according to your sleep phase.

Why is this important?

As you sleep you go through different phases that range from deep sleep to light sleep.  The phase you are in when your alarm clock goes off is a critical factor regarding how tired you will feel when you wake up.

Being woken from a deep sleep is likely to leave you groggy and tired.  Being woken from a light sleep is more likely to leave you refreshed and alert.  That explains why you can have the same amount of sleep on two consecutive nights, but have a totally different waking experience.

Sleep Cycle monitors your movement during sleep using the accelerometer.  Based on your movements, Sleep Cycle then determines the best time to wake you up, near your alarm time.

The implication is that waking from a light sleep will lead to:

  • better performance
  • increased coordination
  • better decision making

The iPhone app business model

As a final word, its also worth noting the enterprise paradigm shift required for the iPhone app business model.

Enterprises are used to researching, procuring, operating and managing desktop productivity applications worth hundred of dollars.

This personal productivity app is currently on the iTunes store for NZ$1.29.


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