Posted by: mikepearsonnz | March 24, 2011

Small Things Make A Big Difference

How many times have we heard the IT support team say “this is a trivial idea, I have more important things”. 

Helping staff with a small thing, can make a bigger ongoing difference, by improving a simple task that they do, dozens of times a day.

Here’s an example of the type of productivity tip to suggest to customers:

The Open / Save File Dialog Box

Background: A lot of daily activity for people using Windows XP, is focused on opening and saving files.   Most applications use the Windows  “Open” or “Save As” dialog box for this activity.  

The default size was established in Windows 95 and has never been changed.  With larger monitors, you can drag the bottom left corner of the box, to make it larger to view many more files.  Unfortunately the next time you open/save a file, the dialog box reverts back to the default size.

Productivity Tip: Here’s a way to save the larger size. 

  1. Click on File | Open  or File | Save As, in the application menu bar.
  2. Enlarge the “Open” or “Save As” dialog box to the size you want.  Adjust the column widths as you prefer.
  3. Save the changes by holding down the Ctrl-key and clicking the top right X on the dialog box.  Its dimensions will be saved. 
  4. These settings are saved PER application, so you can save different settings for Excel and Outlook or whatever.

If you find this tip useful, then I encourage you to pass it on to two more people.


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