I’m an acknowledged ICT (Information and Communication Technology) strategist with strong business and technical capabilities, working from my base on the beautiful Kapiti Coast in New Zealand.

I scan hundreds of articles from web sources around the world each week.  I suspect you’re not so keen on all that reading, but you do need to be informed about ICT trends and issues that can affect the future of your business.  To make it easy for people like you to keep on top of all this stuff, I’ve created my own clipping service of the most interesting articles I’ve read.  Contact me if you’d like to try it.

I enjoy recognising and exploiting business opportunities provided by new technology and innovating existing resources to achieve sound practical outcomes.

I am highly Semi-casualeffective at –

  • Achieving leverage from technology and bringing it into reality
  • Envisaging new and innovative ways to improve operations
  • Being a thought-leader, using ICT to maximise business value
  • Levering the value of ICT and change management investment across the organisation
  • Translating business strategy into structured actionable work
  • Drawing people at strategic, tactical and operation levels gaining consensus, commitment and cooperation for change

More about me, http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikepearsonnz



  1. Could you let me know how it was you made the barcode? I have used a few online and I need to say, QR App cant read most of them. Put it against yours and bam! Its all there!!

    • I generated it on my iPhone using Optiscan, Share | Contact. You can then hold your finger on the QR-code image and send the image to an email address.

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